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Hidden Diamond Membership

This group is hosted on a private discord membership and provides weekly picks, reports, and education that can help you on your journey with cryptocurrency.

Why Choose Us

Like previously stated, we are an intimate group that provides top crypto project picks based off years of research. You will feel right at home with our private community of other members on the same journey as you.


Our community chat is always open & available 24/7 for any questions or discussion. As well as our support team at


Now you can enjoy exclusive private access to our secure channel where our information is accessible twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Chart Education

Throughout the week, Digital Diamond Hunter will provide charts for different previous picks, along with education on which direction the project is heading.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Signing Up.

This is not just a hobby. You’re investing in your success and we take that very serious here with Digital Diamond Hunter. We want to make sure all of your questions and concerns are handled before you make the decision to join our community.

Will I make money?

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The weekly Hidden Diamond Reports are likely to do well, but we cannot make guarantees you will make money. Plugin, stay consistent with the group, and great things can happen!

How Do I Cancel My Membership? Refunds?

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You can either cancel through your membership after logging in, or you can e-mail us at Make sure to give us 72 hours of notice before any payment is scheduled to process. We have a 0 refund policy so it’s important to give us notice.

Can I share the information I learn in this membership with others?

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This is a paid, private membership. We want to respect everyone who is investing in their future and request that you do not share any information with others who have not joined. If you are caught, we will have to revoke access, and like stated above, there will be no refunds given. Let’s play as a team!

How Do I access the private discord group?

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Please log into your e-mail, find the welcome e-mail, and click join Discord. Once in and the account has been created email with your username.

Membership Packages

We are very much so about people getting in where they fit in. Our pricing is designed to give the best financial deals to those who make the bigger commitment to us. We understand that not everyone can be lifetime members, and encourage you to get in where you feel most comfortable.

    Any last minute questions? Contact Us Now!

    Our round the clock team will do their best to answer any of your questions in regards to cryptocurrency and our Digital Diamond Hunter membership.